Thornton Hough, Wirral

Located a short walk from Thornton Hough’s Conservation Area but within the designated Green Belt, this scheme provides 8no. executive style 4/5bed homes. The former disused stables and ménage have been replaced with bespoke dwellings which maximise the sites rural nature and natural beauty, whilst respecting local authority design guidelines and enhancing the architectural language evident throughout Thornton Hough village.
The design layout emanates from the stable block which previously occupied a portion of the site. Using this footprint, the design provides a sense of enclosure, maintaining the courtyard feel and reducing the perceived volume within the green belt.
Within the courtyard, all street furniture and vehicles will appear enclosed, in contrast to the rear gardens which act as a green buffer to the surrounding agricultural land and provide high quality, open feeling amenity for the residents.
The strategy for this development is based on a fabric-first approach through passive improvements to the housing envelopes. This includes enhanced thermal performance, low air leakage, high quality low energy ventilation systems, high efficiency condensing boilers, and minimised thermal bridging through the use of accredited construction details. The buildings have been designed to optimise day-lighting and solar gain to reduce heat loads and reduce reliance on artificial lighting.